Jet Aire can provide a comprehensive drainage service to all commercial customers across Leeds, Yorkshire and the North of England.

CCTV Surveys

High Pressure Water Jetting

Sonar Tracing

Drain/Sewer Clearance

Drain/Sewer Cleansing

Planned Maintenance

Pumping Stations

Septic Tanks

Tankering - Waste Disposal

CCTV Surveys

Our CCTV Condition Surveys assess footage of runs between 100mm and 1800mm to identify any existing or potential drainage issues including collapsed drains, concrete or grout build-up, fractured or displaced pipes and root intrusion. Jet Aire’s experienced and OS19X qualified team produces a report which uses CAD drawings to depict where drainage can be found and recommends any immediate or future remedial works. We operate throughout North East England but often work further afield, including Scotland and Northern Ireland. Jet Aire’s Zone 1 Rated Atex camera system allows us to operate in most explosive atmospheres.

High Pressure Water Jetting

Our equipment includes various water jetting units that are capable of undertaking work on all types of systems.

From van pack jetting units to high performance jet vac units, plus an ultra-high-pressure unit we have the equipment to provide a full range of services from small bore to large diameter pipework.

Our all-terrain vehicles (remote reels) allow us to clean drainage in even the most inaccessible areas, such as woodland, steep gradients and poor ground condition


Once a drainage problem has been located on a CCTV survey, the exact location of the defective or collapsed drain can be identified using special sonar tracing equipment and will locate the line, depth and direction of the drain.

The use of sonar tracing essentially eliminates the possible guesswork as the results will identify the depth of the drainage problem, exactly where the pipe work is and in which direction it is flowing. The results will then help in deciding on the most suitable method of repairing the fault and if needs be the accurate location to excavate to carry out a repair.


Blocked drains in a business can have disastrous consequences on any organisation as nasty smells or overflowing drains can impact on customers, staff and can ultimately lead to financial loss, disruption and damage.

It is therefore important that businesses have their drains maintained on a regular basis.

At Jet Aire, we have gained knowledge and experience over the years that enable us to identify and clean the blocked drain quickly and effectively and with minimal disruption to the customer.

Sewer Cleansing

Jet Aire clean and desilt all forms of drains using a variety of high pressure water jetting equipment and specialist attachments that remove root intrusion and silt build up. In addition, concrete deposits, bricks and grout are removed. The matter is broken down and is then flushed through the system, to the next manhole and then removed via a vacuum pump.

Planned Maintenance

As a way of trying to prevent expensive drainage issues, Jet Aire undertakes Planned Maintenance, on behalf of a number of clients. This consists of Jet Aire attending sites to carry out a full cleanse and survey of the drain runs

Pumping Stations

Pump stations are used to collect foul or surface water and then release the same at regular intervals into the local water system. There are occasions when the pumps stop working. Jet Aire can manage the build up of excess water and repair the pumps so that the pump station returns to full operations.

Septic Tanks

Our range of Jet-Vacs, from 12t to 32t are used to empty septic tanks, which are often found in rural areas, serving remote groups of properties. Using vacuumation the Jet-Vac team will connect numerous lengths of hose to often awkward situated chambers and clear the foul water.


Jet Aire provide tankering services to a number of clients, removing large quantities of liquid, whether foul, surface or effluent water. Jet aire also provide "shot dosing" services for a number of logistic company HGV vehicle washes.